DCB Tap List

ABV 9.0%

Nutt Stuff

Imperial Hazelnut Milk Porter

A deep, soft, nutty porter that knows how to treat you rectally.

ABV 6.3%

Man Goo Marsh mallow

Milkshake IPA

Mango and vanilla IPA with lactose and something to make the beer cloudy.

ABV 4.3%

Child Corn

Blueberry & Maize Sour

Flaked corn, blueberry puree with lactic acid to sour.

ABV 6.66%

Mexican Chocolate Starfish

Hot Chocolate Ale

A very chocolately, marshmallowy, gooey goodness with a kick in the nuts.

ABV 5.5%

Dick or Treat (2019)

Pumpkin Beer

Probably our best pumpkin beer yet. Has not only fall spices, but some marshmallow for a tinge of sweetness.

ABV 7.0%

Duke Juice

A margarita inspired hard water with lime, salt, and tequila.